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Blunt or Bougie

Blunt Or Bougie is the podcast of two regular ass girls with an eye and ear for music, fashion, pop-culture, socioeconomics, race relations, politics and whatever the hell else. The podcast is a social commentary, with obvious comedic undertones, as told by Nina, the music industry entrepreneur, and NATTEEEEFRESHH, an aspiring “boss snatch.” We can be bold, brash and real, or we can choose sky high proclamations of self-love and deserved indulgence. Either way, we’re Blunt or Bougie, released biweekly on Tuesdays, and available on iTunes, Stitcher and Soundcloud.


Blunt_Or_Bougie_041716_0077Born in Chicago, and raised in… “miscellaneous Midwestern town,” Natteeefreshh is a self-proclaimed boss-snatch. Besides brunches- heavy on the Brut, she is here for the all the drops, flops and sheer tomfoolery life has to offer. When she’s not listening to that new, new $#!%, Natteeefreshh is usually seen delivering anecdotes that incite violent fits of laughter.

Since moving to New York City and meeting the crisscross to her applesauce, Natteeefresh has found her voice. As a quick-witted, social commenter of the sonically pleasing, culturally relevant, and explicitly obscene, Natteeefresh is part of the cackle-inducing duo that is, Blunt or Bougie.


Blunt_Or_Bougie_041716_0401Born with a love for music, words, culture and justice, Nina is a newly struggling dog mom, would-be songwriter and optimistic music industry yuppie.  When she’s not watching reality TV (only the most ratchet) or drooling over makeup tutorials, she’s procrastinating grad school exams and registering her puppy for very necessary behavior school.

A London-born, Nashville-raised, Nigerian-American, her diverse and lesser-known influences gave her often-odd tastes and perspectives she eventually learned to embrace. Currently, she’s trying not to ruin her future career by running her mouth on Blunt or Bougie. Sometimes, she even writes about her obsession with the “cool” in culture and trends that influence (and let’s be real, come from) people like her on Blunts, Brunch & Bougerie.


Jack Dougherty –  Engineer/Producer

“B.Tre” Doyle – Sound Effects

Zuly Beltre – Graphic Designer/Photographer

Lauren Tené – Fashion Director